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Historic Photographs of Cordell Bank

More than 3,000 underwater color photographs (35mm transparencies) of Cordell Bank taken between 1977 and 1986 by SCUBA divers from the independent research group Cordell Expeditions were donated to the California Academy of Sciences (CAS) in San Francisco. The photographs complement the collection of biological specimens collected by Cordell Expeditions that have been curated at CAS. California Academy of Sciences research staff has digitally scanned all of the images and posted over 350 images online through CalPhotos.

One thought on “Historic Photographs of Cordell Bank

  1. We thank the Academy for the magnificent (and extensive) effort to digitize the photographs. As software becomes even more sophisticated, these images will move from being pictures to being data. Even as my group and I were obtaining these photos, I knew that there was the potential for using them for purely scientific purposes. In addition, a few of them are even attractive and interesting for their artistic value. The Cordell Expeditions group continues to have an annual reunion, and news such as this is a fine reward to their efforts to explore and describe Cordell Bank 35 years ago. Special thanks to Jenny and the staff at the CBNMS for developing the superb public presentation of the Sanctuary through the website, publications, and public meetings, .

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